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Festival Program

Get ready to have a blast at the 2024 Stanthorpe Berry Festival program! The berries are all set for a fantastic day on Saturday, November 16th.

We're spicing up this year's program with loads of fun new events, lively masterclasses, workshops that'll tickle your creative side, and much more.

Join the fun as we head back to Weeroona Park in Stanthorpe, and let's make it a joyous celebration of the Granite Belt as Queensland's go-to spot for summer strawberries. Don't miss out on the fun – we hope to see you there!

Festival Map

Saturday 16th November 2024


Jamworks Marquee

Embark on an exhilarating adventure with aspiring rockstar and esteemed Queensland Chef Matt Golinski, along with the dynamic Jamworks crew and a team of culinary pros from Granite Belt. Get ready for a thrilling ride through masterclass sessions that promise a burst of mind-blowing flavors and awe-inspiring creations, all spotlighting the incredible local produce. It's a Berry interesting journey you won't want to miss – join us for a day of excitement and culinary delights!

Fruit, Fruit, Fruit

Prepare for a taste bud explosion at the as we proudly showcase the Queensland Summer Strawberry! Brace yourself for a mind-blowing experience with the freshest harvest of berries straight from the Granite Belt. Picture this: generous punnets filled with the juiciest strawberries, plump raspberries that are simply amazing, and blueberries so crunchy they're beyond anything you'll find at the store.

Eating Competitions

Love Food?  Love to eat it quick?

We have a variety of amateur eating competitions just for you!!

- Scones & Jam

- Strawberries & Jam

- Fanta Throwdown

and one for the little kids

- Hubba Bubba Bubble comp

Kids Fun

Ignite their artistic spark with Bunnings Paint-a-Pot – a vibrant experience suitable for all ages. Take the enjoyment to the next level with our lively jumping castle and treat them to the enchantment of face painting that's sure to bring out radiant smiles.

But that's not all the excitement! Join the laughter and cheers with our kiddies' eating competitions* and other engaging novelty events. It's a day filled with joy and giggles for our little festival enthusiasts!

* age restrictions apply

Sip Sesh

Enjoy an entertaining journey led by our local wineries, distilleries, and craft brewers. They'll take you on a delightful exploration of their vintages, sharing the inspirations behind their craft. It's a sip-and-savor experience that promises to add a touch of local flair to your festival adventure!

Celebrity Chef -
Matt Golinski

Get ready for an explosive fusion of culinary brilliance as we welcome the dynamic addition of Queensland's acclaimed chef, Matt Golinski, to the Berry crew in 2024! Join us on a gastronomic journey as Matt brings his rockstar flair to the mix, collaborating with the Berry crew to create a symphony of flavors that will redefine your berry experience. Excitement is on the menu, and Matt Golinski is set to make 2024 a year to remember with his innovative and delectable contributions to the Berry crew's culinary magic. Don't miss out on this epicurean collaboration that promises to elevate the berry adventure to new heights!

Jam Competition

Get ready for a jam-packed thrill at the Stanthorpe Berry Festival as the Jamworks Girls bring back a festival favorite competition! Calling all amateur jam makers, including the little ones – this is your time to shine!

Excitement is brewing, and here's the best part – it's absolutely FREE to enter! Don't miss out on the chance to jam your way into the spotlight

CLICK HERE for entry details

Farmers Display

Take a casual wander through our Granite Belt Farmers Interactive Display and uncover the essence of local agriculture. Meander at your own pace as you gain a peek into the lives of the farmers shaping our region. From farm sizes to production insights and the dedicated teams behind it all, this relaxed stroll offers a low-key way to connect with the stories of the Granite Belt


Art Workshop

Unleash your inner artist at our exclusive art workshop with the talented Sue Hamlet Creative, a local artistic gem! Dive into the world of creativity as you paint stunning, strawberry-inspired art pieces under Sue's expert guidance.
The best part? It's absolutely FREE to register!
Join us for a day of artistic exploration and let your creativity flourish!


Roving performers will weave their magic throughout the festivities, ensuring surprises and smiles at every turn. And that's not all – let the rhythm move you as local music groups take the stage with live performances

Shank Brothers BBQ

Get ready for a sizzling sensation as Shank Brothers BBQ returns to the 2024 Berry Festival, ready to BBQ up a storm and bring their A-game to the grilling scene! Brace yourself for a mouthwatering experience as the Shank Brothers fire up their smokers, infusing the festival air with the irresistible aroma of slow-cooked perfection

Join us for a flavor-packed adventure as Shank Brothers BBQ steals the spotlight, ensuring that the 2024 Berry Festival is a feast for the senses!

Celebration Cake

Kick off the festival activities by savoring a piece of our mouthwatering celebration cake.
Indulge in the delight of fresh sponge cake, generously topped with succulent strawberries and luscious cream. Best of all, it's on the house! Don't miss this delectable treat as we start the celebration with sweetness and joy, bringing everyone together for a delightful experience

Pie Throwing

Get ready to witness a hilarious and messy spectacle as these local luminaries aim for the bullseye in a pie-throwing extravaganza. It's a unique and uproarious addition to the festivities that you won't want to miss. Grab a front-row seat and prepare for some pie-flinging fun!


Festival Eats

Indulge in a variety of delectable treats at the festival with an array of sweet and savory options from Food Trucks and Festival favorites.


Satisfy your strawberry cravings with delights including


  • Strawberry Ice-Cream

  • Strawberry Kebabs

  • Strawberry Chocolate Cups, and  more!

Don't miss out on your FREE TASTINGS at the Jamworks and BBQ Demonstration Marquees throughout the day!

It's an opportunity to tantalize your taste buds with a burst of flavors. Join us for a day of culinary delights and delicious discoveries!


Boutique Market

Celebrate the craftsmanship from the Granite Belt, Southern Downs, and our neighboring town Tenterfield, along with vibrant small businesses across Queensland. This unique blend of creativity adds a special touch to the festival, making it a standout celebration of diverse talents and community spirit!

Meet the Farmers from Pinata
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